About Us

At Aldborough we are focusing on 4 Core Values that will guide our work and interactions with everyone around us. These Core Values are based in a story and are meaningful to our school community. They were written by our student leadership group. Click each Core Value below to learn more about them.

 Marvin the Marmot


Marvin the marmot struggles with anxiety. Marvin squeals in a very unique way which lets everyone around him know he is anxious. At Aldborough we will notice how we are feeling and use strategies help us self-regulate.

Finding Dory

Finding Dory is about a blue tang fish that loses her memory every 10 seconds. One thing she can remember is being separated from her parents. Dory embarks on an epic edventure to find them. Her journey is a story of persistence, overcoming all obstacles put in her path. At Aldborough we will demonstrate persistence in everything we do, just like Dory.

 The Handshake
The Stanley Cup playoffs are a yearly Canadian phenomenon. Players give their all in order to win the most coveted trophy in team sports. A run to the Stanley Cup final are grueling, both physically and emotionally. Players give so much of their bodies to win the cup that a dislike for the other team overcomes them. However, at the end of each series respect for their opponents is always given. The team handshake. At Aldborough we will demonstrate respect to all, even in the midst of challenges.
 Peacock Feathers
Different is beautiful. Peacock feathers appear bright in colour, but did you know they are actually closer to brown? The brilliant colours we see change because of the way each one captures and reflects light. Every peacock feather is a unique blend of all the colours in the rainbow. At Aldborough, we strive to see one another in a light that will allow the unique colours in each of our feathers to shine the brightest.